IPVanish does not collect, track, or record traffic

FBI Cooperation

The IPVanish review would not be complete without considering the 2016 data sharing event, in which the previous owners of the company (Highwinds Network Group) partnered with the FBI to share information that should not be shared. to have under the log. ".

In this case, it was not that the manufacturer was responsible, but that the information provided to IPVanish was only available because the company registered the information and its privacy policy clearly stated that he would do that.

The user was able to identify this by the record of the IP address he used and the time he used it.

IPVanish discount test

As you can see, all of our DNS, IP and WebRTC addresses are registered in the US, where the VPN server we were connected to is located. There is no evidence ipvanish black friday vpn deals 2020 of our real situation in the UK, and this is a good result.

Our tests show that IPVanish effectively hides your IP address and real location, which means you can use the service to block foreign sites and stream content from different countries .

Wireshark package review

After a leak test, we proceeded with the analysis by examining the traffic leaving our device when it was connected to the server. This allows us to ensure that our VPN client circulates our data efficiently.

We ran this test using Wireshark, a free open source package review tool.

We were unable to find any data transmitted through our network in plain text. We did not find unencrypted TCP or UDP traffic, or HTTP or DNS traffic transferred in plain text.

This shows that IPVanish works exactly as expected and circulates all traffic leaving our machine. So you can trust IPVanish to hide your activity from your ISP or protect your data on public WiFi networks.

Malicious programs and licenses

We also run the desktop client through the Malwarebytes scanner to make sure it is safe and free of viruses and malware.

The IPVanish app ran smoothly - we found it to be free of viruses and malware.

Finally, we used the εxodus tool to check the Android application for device access rights that are brutal or excessive.

Results show two tractors: Google Crashlytics and Google Firebase Analytics. Both of these tools are often used for troubleshooting, collecting information about your use of the application and sending it back to IPVanish.

This is not very important - many VPN apps use Firebase and Crashlytics - but it is also not a perfect model for privacy. We've seen Astrill build an app and we want other VPN providers to follow suit.

The application also requires non-essential permissions, the largest of which is "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE". There’s no excuse for reading VPNs from external storage, and we’re pretty much intruding.

There are many reasons why VPN providers set licenses in their applications, but in reality, only a few are required to start the service. We hope IPVanish improves in the future.

Overall, all our security tests show that IPVanish is a very secure and secure VPN service. It offers unbreakable AES-256 encryption, a good selection of advanced security features, and its applications are fully sealed.

If you want your ISP not to monitor you or stay safe on unreliable WiFi networks by circulating your Internet traffic, IPVanish is a great option.

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